Sedonya conscious living center


Conscious Living Made Simple

Sedonya Conscious Living Center is a community and event venue

located on a secluded 1.9 acres, in the red rock vortexes of Sedona, Arizona,

offering retreats, classes and workshops that are focused on

healing the body, mind and soul.


Upcoming Events

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Singing Bowl Concert, Meditation

With Master Shuren Shresta
Friday April 26th  7 to 9 pm

Join Suren Shrestha Tibetan Singing Bowl Master for an experience  an immersion in healing sounds and vibrations that reverberate throughout your body and connect you to your soul. Take part in a Kava Kava ceremony and benefit from its medicinal properties and relaxing effects.

Learn to Heal with Singing Bowls With Tibetan Bowl Master Shuren Shresta Saturday & Sunday . April 26th & 27th 2019
10 am to 5 pm

Receive training in the ancient art of Vibrational Healing using Himalayan Singing Bowls, as well as instruction on how to infuse your sessions with focused healing intentions by acclaimed teacher and author of How to Heal with Singing Bowls, Suren Shrestha.