A place to be conscious.


Sedonya Conscious Living Center is a community and event venue located on a secluded 1.9  acres, in the red rock vortexes of Sedona, Arizona, offering retreats, classes and workshops that are focused on healing the body, mind and soul.  The Center is the heartchild of Sonya Belisle, a spiritual  visionary, who has aspired since childhood to create a community of learning dedicated to knowledge and practices that connect us to our true selves. Sonya’s deeply held belief is that before we can live in harmony with each other and the earth, we must learn to live in harmony with ourselves.  Sedonya is dedicated to this outcome.   

The center features over 6 unique and functional spaces, including a main hall, dining areas, a number of meditation rooms, yoga rooms and outdoor gardens that are ideal for events and classes of different types and sizes.  As an event venue, the center is unmatched in the Sedona area. Sedonya will soon open to the public as a community space where daily classes focused on the body, mind and soul are offered. Sedonya’s vision is a community of growth, learning, and healing, where members get to transform their understanding and experience of what it means to live consciously with each other and  the planet.