Hand Hammered Himalayan Bowl Starter Set

Hand Hammered Himalayan Bowl Starter Set


Students of the Atma Buti method, yoga instructors, healing professionals or anyone interested in the healing abilities of the Himalayan singing bowls will love this starter set of bowls. The hand hammered Himalayan bowls chosen Serenity Tibet are created by Himalayan craftsmen to produce deep, penetrating vibrations that are beneficial for producing healing and relaxing tones.

The tingshas listed below and pictured here are practitioner grade. Practitioner grade tingshas are produced with a multi-metal compound that increases the duration of the sound resonance.

Hand Hammered Singing Bowls
Large G Bowl 1975 g
… $ 434.50
Small E Bowl 720 g
… $ 108.00

Large Rubbing Mallet
… $ 16.50
Large Red Felt Inviting Mallet
… $ 33.00
Large White Felt Inviting Malle
… $ 33.00
Marshmallow Mallet
… $ 22.00
Practitioner Tingsha Medium (2.5”)
… $ 39.60

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