The center features over 6 unique and functional spaces, including a main hall, dining areas, a number of meditation rooms, yoga rooms and outdoor gardens that are ideal for events and classes of different types and sizes.  As an event venue, the center is unmatched in the Sedona area. The center is ideal for events ranging from 10 to 130 guests and will open to  events that are focused on a more conscious way of living and that benefit the planet & all of its inhabitants.


Sedonya is unique in that it offers:

  • Multipurpose and flexible array of spaces

  • Beautiful gardens for breakouts and relaxing

  • Conscious catering provided from the commercial kitchen

  • Central location in West Sedona with plenty of parking

Along with the great space comes Sedonya’s own team who can help set up your event, register participants,

provide advertising and marketing, create and serve conscious cuisine, provide transportation and much more.  

Ideal for:

  • Fireside Chats,

  • Receptions

  • Group Discussions

  • Art Classes

  • Writing Classes

  • Spiritual Talks

  • Dance

  • Classes

  • Classes

  • Lectures,

  • Workshops

  • Concerts

  • Weddings

  • Receptions

  • Film Room